I've been a professional writer since the mid-1990s and have written for some the largest and most prestigious entertainment companies in the world, including Sony Entertainment, 2K, Ubisoft, Techland, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sega, and Top Cow.

My comic book work includes the acclaimed vampire series Impaler (which was a finalist for the International Horror Guild Award), 39 Minutes, and writing comics featuring Captain America, The Avengers, and Wolverine, among others.

I was the writer of inFamous, an exclusive title for the PS3 and published by Sony; InFamous received IGN's "Best Story of 2009" award. I also developed the story for inFamous 2.

I currently work at Hangar 13 (a 2K Games studio) as lead writer on Mafia III. Mafia III will be released worldwide on October 7th.

To inquire about the media rights for properties where I am the copyright holder, please contact Rick Jacobs at Circle of Confusion.

To check my availability for writing projects, please send an email to mail AT williamharms.com.

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